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Our Commitment

An open and sensitive commitment to the needs of others, ready to sacrifice something of ourselves to collaborate in rebuilding of a more just society, in which the human being can be more free and aware of the importance and quality of his relationships. 

Through our commitment to make communication always better, clear and constructive, we aim to address issues that make us reflect on the organization of social and emotional life. Starting from the assumption that it is always possible to avoid recourse to fear and power, reducing tension and keeping all types of divergence on tracks of correctness and respect.


Stop Emotional Abuse

One of the main objectives of this cause is to constitute a point of reference and support with useful information for people who have been or consider themselves victims of psychological abuse, characterized by a subtle, repeated and perverse form of psychic violence which, over time, tends to cancel the victim's personality until his annihilation. It is a world slightly explored both by jurisprudence and by sociology, due to the difficulty of identifying such situations that are rarely reported and even after the relative proceedings are brought to the attention of justice, unless they are easily verifiable as physical violence, they conclude with the acquittal or absolution for the difficulty of testing and for the manipulative behaviour of the executioner, which tends to make the victim appear visionary and in any case not very credible. It is a universe not so much explored even by the same psychiatry since very often the victims do not realize that they are facing a psychic patient and the latter are not aware of being in a pathological state and attribute deviant or violent behaviour to the attitude of the other on which discharge all the responsibilities.


Pesarin_cover3-01 with corrections 18 Jan

"Abyssus Abyssum Invocat" which narrates the vicissitudes of people who have suffered and experienced the devastating experience of psychological abuse.

This engaging novel, full of twists, setbacks, moments of reflection, with its harsh, profound, direct language that expresses the strength, joy or desperation of the protagonists, is to awaken consciences on the phenomenon of psychological violence, a social plague, which has not yet been confirmed and defined by the competent authorities. This phenomenon in fact has almost no relevance from the legal point of view

Our Aims :


Greater awareness on the issue of psychological violence, hidden evil, origin of other evil and that of making to understand that this type of often invisible abuses are not to be underestimated, but that they constitute a strong alarm bell to prevent more brutal and irreversible acts of violence .


A more rigorous law practice, because culturally aware of the human substance of the actions that the law is called to regulate

Il Romanzo Abyssus Abyssum Invocat - Storia di abuso e aberrazione é disponibile per l'acquisto nelle migliori librerie e on-line anche in formato ePub: 

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